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“Once you have it, you will love it”

Fashionable handbags with a positive vibe, Roberta M create for you cosmopolite and classy collections. Suitable for each kind of events and moments of the day, from business bags, to the small chic bags that can save your presence in any situation that the women’s might find during the day or night.

Inspirited by the Italian style, influenced by the feminine attraction, Roberta M design with love and passion.A woman's handbag is an integral part of her outfit. A handbag is more than just a sack to carry essentials. It's a fashion statement, a way to express your style and creativity. Speaking into details about Roberta M creations, each style was designed having in mind all the needs that a women request from a bag or a clutch, that complete the perfect outfit for a feminine and sophisticated look.

The Happy Bag:

An easy going shape, soft pleats and roomy interior characterize one of our favorites. Handles attach to rings and nicely tuck under your arm. But you may want to wear it with a smile and swing it. Relaxing and refreshing as a day off.

The Messenger:

The ample dimensions allow you to carry books, papers and all your electronic gadgets with style. Adjustable straps fit any body crosswise. A side slit pocket for the quick-grab item, and an interior zippered pocket for your trinket-sized necessities.

The Pleated Curve:

This purse is a cut above the rest in its detail; softly dignified and smart. The regular pleats along the bottom open it up just so(to accommodate your everyday things), yet the dimensions are kept in check for elegance and style. You’ll love the simplicity of the back-to-front symmetrical flap and single slender strap. The lovely curve calls to mind an architect’s tool. A structured double interfacing lends this purse a supple, but never slouchy feel.

The Shopping Tote:

A roomy, simple tote, designed for shopping or a Saturday at the market. Anything goes when designing this style; its sides are big enough for large swatches of vintage curtains, a wonderful, pristine floral hankie, or elegantly embroidered tea towel.

The Clutch:

The Clutch: v. to clasp, to hold, to save yourself by doing so. n. a collection, an armful. n. a purse with no handle. For you --a clutch of clutches to clutch. What is it about a clutch? It’s more personal than a handled bag. You cannot swing it or let it dangle from your shoulder: a clutch requires some commitment. You’ll hold it in your hand or hug it to your waist or hike it under your arm. It’s for when you don’t plan to carry much other than your purse.

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